Financing and/or Leasing Policy

We at DY Furniture do not have any input as to who is approved or how the decisions are made. These financing and/or Leasing Companies are Separate Entities and are not a part of DY Furniture. Each Financing Company may have their own requirements, which may consist of but not limited to: (1) Applicant must have an active non prepaid bank account that is in good standing (2)Applicant must have income of at minimum $1000  or more per month (3) Applicant must also provide a credit and/or debit card that is also non prepaid. (4) Account must be open for a minimum of 30 or 90 days.

**Special Financing Option also available. Details can be found at

All Orders are Final & cannot be changed or modified after execution of the contract with the 3rd party Financial Institute. We at DY Furniture do not repossess any merchandise, we sell only new furniture. In the event you would need to surrender your furniture please contact the 3rd Party Financial Institute for details or see your contract for your available options.

We are not responsible for any Payment or Account issues when financing and/or Leasing please contact your financial institute directly.